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Groups will undertake a unique adventure that will require them to find clues, decipher codes, test your intelligence, solve challenging puzzles, and escape within the 1 hour time limit. Our rooms can facilitate groups of 2-6 participants and offer a range of difficulty levels from beginner to advanced allowing everyone to enjoy their experience.  So grab your friends and family because we challenge YOU to try and escape!


Like Puzzles?

Enter the world of Escape Station and try to solve a multitude of puzzles, codes, clues, problems, and discover secrets.

Team Building

Working together is a large part of what we are all about! There is a huge emphasis on teamwork as you and your friends/family work together to conquer some of our toughest challenges.


New & Exciting

How many times have you been out to the movies? How about trying something new this week instead? Come on out and have some fun with us!

All Ages

Escape Station is something for everyone, of all ages and skill levels.  Our challenges will test your abilities all while being fun and exciting.



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Spaceship Command

Spaceship Command

The city is under attack! Time is of the essence; everything is on the brink of destruction. You are part of an elite military task force assigned to a mission of the utmost importance. You and your team have successfully boarded the alien starship, and have found your way to the main control room. The alien threat inside has been neutralized but there is a problem, the ship appears to be on some sort of autopilot and continues on its destructive path. You must now figure out how to shut down the alien spacecraft in order to complete your mission and save the world.

60 Minutes
3-6 Players

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Police Interrogation

Police Interrogation

Just another day at work until local Police forcibly removed you from the building. After a short ride in the back of a standard Police cruiser you find yourself locked in an interrogation room with the Chief of police showing you gruesome crime scene photos and shoving “hard evidence” in your face. He’s pushing for a confession; frustrated by your unwillingness to confess to a crime you didn’t commit he storms out of the room. Locking you inside, alone. Time to figure out how you are going to get yourself out of this mess and prove your innocents.

60 Minutes
2-6 Players

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Museum Heist

Museum Heist

You have been watching the museums claim to fame for some time now. A beautiful one-of-a-kind diamond. You have gathered all the info, have a team ready, and have been planning tirelessly. But there is a problem, the client has become increasingly impatient, and you’re not ready yet. It needs to happen tonight, there is a small window of opportunity. It could be done, but it won’t be easy, you know what’s at stake. You and your team have made it into the museum undetected, past the guards, around the cameras. You’re now in the diamond showroom, the plan has served you well, but here’s where the plan runs out. Now for the hard part, figure out how to get the diamond, and escape!

60 Minutes
2-6 Players

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Secret Agent

Secret Agent

You are a top secret agent and your mission is to retrieve the stolen documents before the vital information contained within them can be sold off to the highest bidder and terror unleashed upon the world. The intel was good so far, and you have found your way through the gigantic house to the study. Now you must hurry and retrieve those documents before you are discovered.

60 Minutes
2-6 Players

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Rooms Escaped

Clients Testimonial

BEST TIME EVER! Lots of fun and the staff are great!

Thomas Deravo

My friends and I had such an amazing time at Escape Station! We will certainly be back soon!

Sarah Wilkins

Rooms are so creative… you feel totally immersed in the challenge

Geoff Mendle

Escape Station is a great place to come and celebrate your birthday with your friends. We had such an amazing time!

Suzzy Robertson




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