This is poker! To take advantage of the welcome bonus and all the promotions, tournaments, passes, loyalty points. In short, to take advantage of the full range of an online poker room, you have to play for real money. This is the sine qua none condition.

There is no question of playing a lot of money. You can start with 20 dollars to make it grow, especially since it will often be doubled with the welcome bonus. Playing poker without real money is like playing soccer with a foam ball.

You can switch from play money poker tables to small bet tables, free rolls or even beginner tournaments. And then you can always go back to virtual tables. The two accounts are separate. One does not preclude the other.

Tournaments, cash tables, free roll games are an unknown world for you if you have never had the experience of winning a big prize. If you bet 20 cents, a pot of 10 dollars is huge. And then your pulse will race, you’ll be faced with half a million questions a second: Do I have the best hand? Why is he calling me? Is he bluffing? Did I raise well? And it’s at this very moment that you will become a poker player or not. And to touch that moment, you have to have something to lose or to win. This is, in my opinion, the one and the only reason to play poker. Playing poker with real money is a leap out of the ranks of the murderers, and for some, like grinders, it’s simply living.

Woman hand holding aces and king cards

Poker game variants

Poker has conquered the world with a version that has become king in all online rooms: Texas Hold’em. Besides not being the oldest and most played before the Internet boom, this version is far from being the only one. Experts say that it is not even the most complex and a large number of players play all the variants. If you think it’s a legend, H.O.R.S.E. became an official discipline at WOSP and has since been featured in some poker rooms. What makes Horse so special is that it combines five poker variants into one game. HORSE is the acronym for: Hold’em, Omaha High Low, Razz, Stud and Eight or better. Very popular in casinos, Horse combines the complexity of knowing and mastering all of its variants and thus separates the wheat from the chaff.

For us simple players, it is already difficult to know the versions and sometimes even to understand what the online poker rooms offer, which beyond the variants also have different forms such as No limit – Pot Limit – Limit.

Here are a few small details to discover the vast world of poker and the richness of this game that unleashes passions. Too often limited to Texas Hold’em and the lure of winning, poker is a real intellectual discipline. But, before trying to win, you must first understand.