Teams that play together,

work better together!

The structure of today’s work requires a collosal amount of team work and effective communication.

At Escape Station, we create a fun and enjoyable experience for your staff to develop new bonds while working together for a common goal : Escape!

Join Companies like Remax, Scout Canada and many others that have been using our Escape Room facility to promote team work within their companies.

Build a better team today.

Are you looking for a challenging and intellectually stimulating activity? The idea is simple. Your team is locked in a room and you have 60 minutes to Escape.

Let your team experience the sense of accomplishment as they solve puzzles, mysteries and clues and succeed as a group.


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Awesome afternoon locked in a room and then trying to escape it. You are given one hour to discover and solve clues to work out the passcode to numeric door lock.

Best thing about this is the team work. You realise that everyone brings something to the table. Best not to tell you anything about our room, other than it was great fun.

The staff/owner is lovely and is not averse to giving the odd clue.

Jon K.